1Pcs Copper Peptide Hydrating Silk Masque [FREE WALNUT PEELING GEL]

1Pcs Copper Peptide Hydrating Silk Masque [FREE WALNUT PEELING GEL]


Copper Peptide — Regenerate, Renew and Repair skin in one step.
Re-create a tight, glowing “translucent skin”.

Three key moments to reactivate your perfect skin

Slow down aging / Copper Peptide
Anti-aging · Reduce fine lines · Correct sallow skin

long-lasting moisturizing / PENTAVITIN®
Strengthen water retention ability in the inner layer of skin and maintain skin's moisture balance.

Speed up the repair process / Hydrolyzed Silk Protein
Revitalize and tighten skin naturally.
Anti-inflammatory, repair tissue and prevent the harmful effects caused by UV rays.

The Features of Micordelivery Silky Cotton Fiber Mask Material:
•    Light: only 0.1mm thickness, highly breathable and provides hydration
•    Micordelivery:  Delivers the serum to the deep-down skin layers.
•    Concentrated: Retains 2 times+ more serum as compare to other mask material.
•    Natural: 100% natural cotton, suitable for sensitive skin.
•    Invisible: Perfectly fits the face contour and invisible.
[How To Use]
•    After cleansing your skin, remove the mask from the aluminum foil.
•    Place the mask evenly on your face with the blue color layer face outwards.
•    Remove the blue layer and place the center mask evenly on your skin,
Leave it on for about 15-20 minute, remove the mask then gently tap the face until all the essence is absorbed. Follow lotion or cream for better and more significant effects.
•    Use twice a week for the best result.