Shopping guide

1. Our delivery service is avalable in Eat Malaysia and West Malaysia only.
2. The Website is operated by Skin Wellnes Sdn Bhd iwel a company registered in Malaysia with the district court of Malaysia under number 645235-x whose registered office s4 Jaian S118C Desa Tun Ranok, 56000 Kuaia Lumpur office is 135 Carpmael Rood Singopore 429881.

Note for Pre-ordering

  • Skin care products are not medical surgery or treatment hey donot providie immediate resuits. Long-tem usage may improve your skin condition.
  • The skin condition of each individual varies. thus with dfferent alergens. There is no single skin care products can be appled to all skin types. If you have sensitive skin you may try to apply first on a small area in front of your ear to de emine whether there is any alergic reaction Proceed to apply the whole face area f thene is no symptom of aliergy. Stop using product immediahely & there s any obnormal sweling. and get appropriate medica treatment soonest possible.
  • Should you have ony enquiry, function and skin care related questions for S F Beauty kin products please drect your question to Caring Consulting We have a team of professional customer service personals providing you the best reply. If you need our recommendations for skin care products that suits you please provide detals of your kin condition, age and skin problems that you would ike to improve, we will recommend the most suitable produet to resolve your skin isues.
  • A valid purchase orderfs) serves as an agreement between the buyer and seler, please complete the transactions) within 3-5 days.
  • You may proceed with ofS F Beauty Skin producth, if you agree with the above agreement and are wiling to accept the rules and nequiations We sincenely regret if any inconvenience caused.

Payment Method, Instruction and Precaution

We provide 4 payment methods:

A. Pay88

Pay88 is a secure online payment and online thaner network in Malaysia it has the best online payment services throughout Malaysia. Via Pay88. online rarsacfion/hhopping is safe and secure system that does not require you to disclose your inancial information

1. Credit card online payment Enable you to use VISA or MasterCard credit card payment online. Please ensure to fill in the comect n ormation to focilitate the rorsoction Kndly follow the website instructions to identfy the card ype,cand number, expiration date. cardholders name and any ofther necessary information. (Pay full amount in one payment

2. Online cash transler The online bank transter is avalable trroughout Maiaysia. Please be sure to fill in the comect information to foclitate the transaction. Kindly follow the website instructions to idenlily the designated bank.


B. ATM transfer

  • Afer the transaction is confemed, kindy proceed wilth ATM transfer via any ATM machines for any banks nationwide. Upon completion of payment, piecse fox the order number, name, receipt or transaction slip to 03-91726503 and call us to confem the payment, so that we can proceed with the shipment soonest possible.
  • You must complete the trarsaction wilthin 3 working days ofter the arder plocement (excluding holidays faling which we will cancel the order.
Company name : Skin Wellness Sdn Bhd
Bank name : Public Bank Berhad
Account number : 3981 8393 03
Bank name : Mayank Berhad
Account number : Mayank Berhad

C. Cash-on-delivery

  • We offer TAQ BIN" special delivery for cash on delivery The courler will first inform the customer both the amival time and cash amount belore delivery. Courier will then collect cash payment only upon delivery (credit coard payment via credit card swipe mochine is not avalable). For the convenience of zero petty cash, please provide the exwact amount in advance.
  • We teserve the right whether to accept nex arder E the thipment or repeated shipment of the goods has delivered to the designated location but without seceiver or reject to receive goods without any vaid reason. And this paricular member's information will be recorded under TA.QBN undeivered system.
  • Delivery service personal solely provides delivery and colecfion of payment service, they do not handle any returned goods For any queries with the productl. please contact S F Beauty Skin customer service perondl direcsy

D. Payment at SF Beauty Skin Office

  • We accept both cash and credit card payment.
  • We will cancel the order placement if the customer does not collect the product(s) from us for more than 5 days.
  • We reserve the right whether to accept next order, if the customer fails to collect numerous orders.

Important Notes after Order Placement

Precaution for ATM transfer

1. If customer prefers to use ATM transfer, please choose the designated account to input the exact total payment

2. To enquire about our ATM transfer account, please login to S F Beauty Skin website, click on Members Area / Log amount (note: do not overpay). and please complete the payment within 5 days. in / My Account / My Order/Payment Method, and our payment system wil display the bank name. payment amount & date. Kindly contact us for any further enquires.

  • • After the pickup of the purchased products, customers are entitled to 10 days cooling off period. All first-time purchase product(s) will enclosed with the same sample(s) trial pack, please ensure to use the sample trial pack first. After trial of the sample and should buyer found that the product(s) is/are not suitable, the buyer may return the product(s). But the returned product(s) must be in new condition with un-opened packaging (including products, accessories, internal and external packaging. free gifts and etc.] failing which we will not accept the return of product(s).
  • If the product(s) s/are defected or damaged during the transportation process, please return within 10 days upon received.
  • Once opened and/or used any product. product samples and gifts, cannot be replaced nor returned.
  • In order to protect the product(s), the delivery box is built-in with anti- shock material. Please make sure that lost/missing .If you received incorrect product type or amount, please contact our customer service.
  • To avoid any dispute, before any product delivery we will snap photo(s)/image(s) with actual date as record before any shipment. We will use this photo(s)/ image(s) as the proof of the correct product item or amount.

In order to protect your own rights, please always keep your account number and password safe. The Website will base on the username and password to identify the identity of members, reward point accumulation and all interests of member trading on our website.

If you suspect your password may have been leaked. please login immediately to the "Member Area" to update your information. You should immediately notify us should you suspect there is any lost or stolen of your membership information to safeguard your membership interests. The Website will not be responsible for any losses or any legal action.