Absolute V-Lifting Serum 30ml

Absolute V-Lifting Serum 30ml


Immediate and Visible
  • Define Facial Contour
  • Firm Cheeks 
  • Delicate Pointed Chin 
  • Plump and Hydrate 
Absolute V-Lifting Serum provides excellent lifting and firming effect in just 3 minutes after apply. Perfectly reshape facial contour, activate the supporting fibers, and deep down hydration. Best natural alternative to surgery. Suitable for all skin types and ages.
  • Hydrolyzed wheat protein
    Tight, healthy complexion and smooth skin are what majority of women are pursuing over the years, to comply with their skin bright and visible wrinkle immediate needs. Oat extract is a sugar-based sex tensor agent (tensor ) material to provide such an effect.
  • Acetyl HEXAPEPTIDE-8
    Can shallow depth of facial wrinkles, especially in the forehead and around the eyes that cause by the contraction of the muscles of facial expression wrinkles caused by traction. Can prevent skin aging,
  • Deep Ocean Water (DOW)
    Deep ocean water is refer to sea water depth of over 200 meters. Because light can not enter and microorganisms can not carry out photosynthesis. So the germs are scarce, water are clean and stable. DOW are rich in minerals and trace elements. It can control the sodium and potassium balance by activating enzyme (to keep the water balance of cells).
  • Inositol
    M Inositol (Inositol), extracted from the natural essence of rice, provide the skin with through white energy. Improve skin whitening power, translucent skin whitening, distribute natural splendor. M inositol compound can help accelerate skin metabolism which can penetrate the melanin roots, blow and reduce melanin and causes effective whitening. Produce light effect through the white skin. An effect comparable to the counter!
After cleanse and toner, use Absolute V-Lifting Serum on face and neck, massage from chin line upwards to ear and forehead until absorbed. Suggest using with Magic Massage Pen to enhance lifting effect.