Blemish Corrector 15ml (Subscription)

Blemish Corrector 15ml (Subscription)


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Sculpts your skin to perfection with nature's essence

There is nothing more depressing than a face full of pimples. Pimples are caused by improper diet, unhealthy living habits, lack of sleep, stress and more; which are unfortunately, the norms of today's fast-paced lifestyle.

But don't worry. Pimples are fairly easy to deal with. All you need to take care of is oil-control, and your pimple problem will be solved. Blemish Corrector is added with antibacterial herbs such as Tea Tree Oil, Garlic extract and more and they are capable of conditioning even the most pimple-prone skins. It also prevents pores from clogging and regulates oil secretion, effectively curbing pimples growth.

For even better results, use this Blemish Corrector with Purifying Serum and you don't have to worry about pimples anymore!

Perfect for oily and dull skin.

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