Ceramide Ocean Hydration Emulsion 30ml (Subscription FOC)

Ceramide Ocean Hydration Emulsion 30ml (Subscription FOC) SUBPFOCSFB28

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Less is more   Reveal Your Real Beauty
SF all new “Deep Ocean Water Series” is mixed with deep  ocean water, chemical free, ideal for all skin type. Focusing on the beginning of life and the key of long-lasting beauty, cellular health, “Deep Ocean Water Series” can revitalize the cell, enhance cell metabolism and self-repair, reduce visible signs of aging. “Deep Ocean Water Series” is the product for the skin of your dream, natural, instant effect and over time, for every woman, no matter your age and skin type.
  • Revitalize cell and skin metabolism
  • Enhance cell self-repair system
  • Smooth fine line and diminish dark spots
  • Promote skin softness and elasticity  
  • Chemical free, gentle for all skin type
  • Alcohol free     Perfume free     Colour free
  • Mineral oil free    Marine derivatives free
Luxurious revitalizing and moisturizing power
Ceramide Ocean Hydration Emulsion combines natural powers for the cellular energy in addition to intense moisturizing. This silky-soft cream comforts dehydrated skin and restores vitality, enhances skin’s own repair system, aging is no longer exist.
●Deep layer moisturizing
●Extreme repairing
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