Hydrant Defense Emulsion 30ml (Pre-subscribe RM65)

Hydrant Defense Emulsion 30ml (Pre-subscribe RM65)


Product Detail

Naturally moisturises skin and fights skin sensitivity

Career women with sensitive skin must be extra careful when it comes to selecting a skincare product. Using a product that is incompatible with your skin will cause all kinds of skin oversensitivity problems, such as skin becoming more sensitive; moisture-locking ability starting to diminish; itchiness and redness; and more. So if you have sensitive skin, you should choose skin care products that are gentle and made from natural ingredients. And don’t forget, skin moisturising is important, too!

Hydrant Defense Emulsion contains multiple repairing formulas. Applying it will give your skin an instant soothing and smoothening sensation as well as immediate whitening and moisturising effects. It is also rich in Glycosyl Trehalose and Roma Chamomile floral essence, which are effective in firming every inch of your skin, hydrating it, and helping it lock and store moisture. Hydrant Defense Emulsion is formulated to soften and soothe sensitive skin, and increase the skin’s resistance. The multitude of effective ingredients in Hydrant Defense Emulsion give your skin the perfect protection, as well as the best solution in revitalising dull and dry skin, returning radiance and beauty to your skin and giving it a cool, non-sticky feeling!

Perfect for both normal and sensitive skin.


How To Apply