Moisture Gel 35ml (Pre-subscribe RM65)

Moisture Gel 35ml (Pre-subscribe RM65)


Product Detail

Triple-Action Moisturizer That Restores,
Locks and Retains Moisture

There are multiple factors that can cause dry skin. The most common ones are pollution, smoking, lack of sleep, stress and more other factors.

Dry skin will lead to other kinds of skin problems. It will cause your skin to lose its natural beauty, accelerate aging process, induce the formation of wrinkles, and even make your skin over-sensitive. So if a healthy, beautiful skin is what you desire, keeping your skin moisturized is a must. And that's exactly what Moisture Gel will do for your skin ‐ it restores, locks and retains moisture, ensuring that your skin stays moisturized for extended hours. It is a refreshing and zero-oil formula, capable of raising your skin's defense against dryness caused by bad weather, air-conditioning and even pollution.

Besides giving your skin continuous moisturizing, Moisture Gel's advanced formula will also leave your skin satisfyingly smooth, with a fresh coat of natural radiance.

Perfect for all skin types, especially for oily skin.


How To Apply