Normalizing Lotion 30ml (Travel Pack)

Normalizing Lotion 30ml (Travel Pack)


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Four benefits in one powerful super-moisturising formula

Water is essential to our body. Our skin is no exception. Lack of ample moisturising could cause our skin to age faster, wrinkles to appear more visible and noticeable, as well as a host of other skin problems. So, keeping our skin properly moisturised is extremely essential.

The Normalizing Lotion contains aloe, chamomile, hydrolysed wheat, and glucose, letting your skin enjoy up to four types of moisturising benefits. Its formula is also perfected to suit all kinds of skin type, even the most sensitive ones.

Rich in moisturising elements, the Normalising Lotion is formulated to moisturise deep into your skin, providing your skin with all the moisture it needs. It also keep your skin's oil-moisture level balanced, giving you a bouncy, flawless skin with a healthy, radiant shine.

Perfect for all skin types, especially for dehy-drated, dry and dull skin.
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