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Name : Isabel Lee Ying Jee
Age : 32
Skin Type : Combination
Usage Period : 3 Days


Pure Pearl Cleanser
Love how it's so shimmery! Lathers very well into a soft and fine foam that can clean my face well but somehow it makes my skin dry and peel. Yuki suggested I use the Remover Cleansing Gel instead.
Purifying Serum
Kinda reminded me of honey with it's yellowish colour and scent. Upon application, there's a warm sensation but it's not sticky like honey. In fact, none of these products are sticky.
Hydro Aqua Essence
Applying this slightly cooling gel right after the warm Purifying Serum feels so nice! Essence absorbs really quickly.

Moisture Gel
Gives a minty feel. It's gel formula makes it absorb fast without being greasy or sticky.
Perfect Glow Sunscreen
This is a tinted sunscreen that makes my skin look amazing! It covers pores, blackheads and lightens imperfections. Still need concealer but the overall look is just so evened out and nice. It settles into a matte, slightly pinkish and non-greasy finish. Very long-lasting too. I can definitely see why this is a top seller.

Photos to show you how the suncreen covers pores and blackheads at T zone.
Remover Cleansing Gel
This is a special one.. A best seller. As you massage it, it turns gooey and lumps together (reminds me of mucus lolz). It picks up all the makeup and impurities on your skin. You can see it turning into the colour of your makeup so it's definitely working. From the website, it says you can lather it with water as a cleanser as well. I find it to be very interesting.

Overall, the products seem perfect for our weather as they are all very watery/gel-like so they're really light and you won't feel uncomfortable. Each subsequent product I apply makes my skin feel smoother and softer. After a few days, I noticed that my pores are getting smaller and blackheads lessen.


Inside the kit you will find an array of product samples picked specially for your skin.
The consultant will call you before sending you the samples. Mine was Yuki, who asked me questions about my skin to find out my skin type and condition in order to provide me with the right products.
Samples are labeled for your convenience; blue for morning, grey for night and red for special care.

Beauty Kit

SF Beauty Skin believes in the importance of letting customers try their products before making a purchase. As they do not have a physical shop, they ship these sample kits directly to interested customers free of charge. How generous!

Delivery Service

The company's 10 promises include free shipping, 10 days refund guarantee, 1 to 1 customer service and more.

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