Skin Revival Mask 35ml (Subscription)

Skin Revival Mask 35ml (Subscription)


Product Detail

Superior ice-cool oil control

Having a layer of oil coating your face is a highly unpleasant and somewhat embarrassing experience. Therefore, facial oil-control is absolutely a necessity. However, as necessary as it may be, it is also imperative to be wary of using improper oil-control methods – it could be more harmful than helpful to your skin!

Skin Revival Mask is formulated for conditioning and moisturising oily skin, as well as keeping the skin’s oil–moisture level in check. It leaves a refreshing ice-cool sensation on the skin – the perfect solace for those who have to put up with nuisance of oily skin!

Skin Revival Mask comes with four wonderful benefits for the skin. Besides battling oily skin, it can also minimise pores, eliminate dead skins, and enhance moisturising, restoring health and beauty to your skin.

Perfect for all skin types, but especially effective for oily skin and open pores skin.


How To Apply