SF Beauty Skin - A Best Friend to Working Lady
Dragon Loong : An Easy-going TV & Radio Host
I think SF Beauty Skin is a very special product, first of all. it does not have a physical store, but I found a very interesting and very useful service on the SF Beauty skin website - Online Dermatologist. This is definitely good news to working lady like me with busy schedule. Yes! It is very convenient, especially for a girl like me who has no time to visit beauty salon, with the helping hand through the online consultation, I finally learned about my skin and suitable products for myself. 
As a TV Host, Radio DJ and media people, my daily routine is  very different from others normal 9am to 5pm office hour, I  have no time to refill bottles and jars of skin care  products, fortunately, SF Beauty Skin's Online Dermatologist  will suits my lifestyle with my need for beauty after the  consultation, provides me the products that close to my  personality. One thing surprised me the most is SF Beauty  Skin sent me a trial kit of free samples to let me try. This  is beyond any services ortreatment, which allowing the  customers to try for free before purchase without leaving  home. It is simply fantastic, and the product is really easy  to use, for example, their star product - 3 in 1 Remover  Cleansing Gel, it is my cleanser, as well as make up  remover, it is very convenient and I do not need to carry so  many skincare products. Another highlight of SF Beauty Skin  is Rose Magic Water, it is simply 'best friend" to girls, it  can be sprayed directly to the face and completely absorbed  by the skin, an excellent moisturizer, allowing me to stay  confidence for the whole day without addifion makeup.
As a savvy modern woman, we have to learn to spend wisely,  not to mention, to buy the best products at the lowest  price, and the most important of all is high product  confidence level. SF Beauty Skin offer "try before you buy,  free sample delivery to your home" service concept. It has  fully met my needs, and I can make the most efficient and  best quality purchase decision, it also eased the consumers'  concern and worries, by their 100% money back guaranty  policy within 10 days. 
Thank you SF Beauty Skin, now I can always look great and  beautiful on the screen!