Glossy Shine Sleeping Mask 35ml

Glossy Shine Sleeping Mask 35ml


Restores your skin's beauty while you sleep

 If you want to own a truly healthy and beautiful skin, getting sufficient sleep is very important. As proven by countless scientific researches, sleep time is the best time of the day for beauty treatments, because that is when our skin will initiate its self-repairing ability. So when you apply the right beauty product during that period, you can enjoy twice-as-better results!

Both a night cream and a facial mask!
A thin layer of Hyaluronic Nourishing Night Cream is all you need to give your skin a nourishing nighttime treatment – while you sleep, it locks moisture to ensure that your skin gets all the moisturising it needs. It can also be used as a facial mask.

Perfect for all skin types, especially for dry and dull skin.

    Sodium Hyaluronate:    
Moisturises skin effectively and speedily, enhances the skin's defence, and resists the damage of dryness to skin.

    Corallina Officinalis Extract:    
Contains marine enzymes, epidermal growth factor, and trace elements. Capable of stimulating cell metabolism.

    Kalanchoe Spathulata Extract:    
Regulates endocrine, making skin superiorly smoother, bouncier and fairer.


Forms an ultra-thin moisture film to reinforce hydration on skin's surface.

1. Apply a little of the product on your face and wait for 30 minutes. After the product is completely absorbed by your skin, wash your face with warm water. Then, proceed to apply other skin care products.

2. For dry skin, it is recommendable to use the product on a daily basis. After applying all your nighttime skin care products, apply just a thin layer would do.